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Vision and Mission of Maragondon Parochial School


 We, the MPS, envision ourselves to become a strong, developed and Pro-God HOME.



With the help and guidance of Our Lady of the Assumption , we commit ourselves to:

- faith formation

- love for others

- service for our country



Our graduates shall be:

- good examples in words   and in deeds

- active in the Parish Church

- devoted to the value of family life

- highly skilled in modern technology    

- honest servant leaders

- world class competence

- caring and concern to our  ecology and environment



- honest                                 

- responsible

- loving

- humble

- thankful

- disciplined

- patient

- helpful

- diligent

- creative

- environmentalist

- prayerful

- God-fearing

Our graduates shall be

Warm and simple

Clean and healthy in lifestyle

Reflective and critical thinkers

Eloquent communicators

Responsible and competent in modern technology

Innovative and resourceful

Purposeful and decisive

Ethical and moral servant-leaders

Globally competitive and locally active

Loyal and grateful to their Alma Mater